[A place like Zion Canyon Mesa] is something that Utah, and the interior West generally, has painfully lacked, and I can think of nothing that would advance western literature faster or more surely.    

- Wallace Stegner, Writer

The voice of the intermountain west

Perhaps better than any other native son, Utah-born Wallace Stegner captured the soul of western America in his writing.  Yet, even he recognized that much of what the West has to say to the nation and the world remains unsaid.  Shortly before his death, he learned of the plans to create Zion Canyon Mesa, which is designed to lend support to writers and visual artists in the Yaddo and MacDowell Colony tradition: a retreat center for writers and visual artists to work uninterrupted. Although there are around seventy similar retreat centers throughout the United States, there is nothing like this in the intermountain west or Great Basin.

Stories that need to be told

There is a vision and perspective that springs from the red rocks, mountains and desert country of the West.  The landscape, with its history and traditions has given a western ethic to America through literature and arts.  Yet, there are stories waiting to be told and artistic interpretations waiting to be created from the solitude and beauty of the red rock country of Utah.  Zion Canyon Mesa will serve as a catalyst for this creative expression in the unequaled serenity and beauty of Zion’s National Park.