With unrestrained enthusiasm I endorse The Mesa in Springdale, Utah.  My association with such centers has been beneficial--in fact life-altering.  Always my time has been fruitful and my life enriched by the amazing experience of living among others of the same urgencies and dearth of time, and willingness to work. 

- Emma Lou Thayne - Writer, Poet, Lecturer

Zion Canyon Mesa will help shape the future of the west by utilizing the creative energy of artists, writers and its communities.  The splendid isolation of the desert southwest can become the seedbed from which the stories waiting to be told are given voice, and the artistic vision can find expression.  The current intellectual environment of the west has made it a center for the exchange of ideas and a place where diverse cultures have learned to solve problems.

With the support of individuals, foundations and businesses, the dream of a retreat for writers and artists in southern Utah's red rock country is becoming a reality.  With your support, Zion Canyon Mesa can become a place where the essence of the western experience can be brought forth and shared with the nation and the world.


2017 Infrastructure (upgrading the access road to meet town code; utilities, parking; initial landscaping. Design and architect plans finalized for first two duplex living/working studios. These plans will be modified for the final two duplexes.

2018 Construction of two duplexes; Design and architect plans finalized for Commons.

2019 Spring: First two duplexes delivered.  Construction of Commons and two more duplexes begins.

Summer:  Design and architect plans finalized for Art Studio and Director's House. Begin accepting applications for first residents.

Fall: Begin partial programming with first four writers. Construction of Art Studio.

2020: Spring: begin full programing with two visual artists and six writers in residence.

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