Gibbs Smith

The Mesa board has learned with great sadness of the unexpected death of Gibbs Smith, one of Utah’s most highly honored independent publishers and a tireless and generous member of our board from its inception.

Gibbs dreamed of building a nationally recognized writers' retreat center in Utah's unique red rock landscape. He envisioned a place where writers could go to work and create in an inspiring setting, free from the interruptions and clutter of everyday life. The Mesa is the fulfillment of that dream. Please help us honor Gibbs and his dream by making a donation to the Mesa in his name.


A Residency Retreat Center For Artists And Writers Near Zion National Park In Southern Utah


The mission of The Mesa is to foster significant life-enhancing work in the visual arts and humanities by providing an uninterrupted working environment for writers and artists in an inspiring, conducive setting, free from distraction.

 Photo: Steven Black - The view east from The Mesa

 Photo: Steven Black - The view east from The Mesa

The Mesa is a 501(c)(3) organization building an Arts and Humanities retreat-residency center where eight writers, scholars, and visual artists can work on designated projects for two weeks to two months. The center will provide residents uninterrupted time away from the noise and clutter of every day life, in a place of tranquility and beauty that will inspire the creative process. CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Mesa program is designed to further works in progress by writers in the literary arts and humanities, and allow the creation of new works by visual artists. By sharing the product or process of their experience through public programs, exhibits, demonstrations, and readings, the residents will enhance community life in the regionCLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE MESA RESIDENCY PROGRAM

The Mesa center will be located on top of a mesa-like geographical formation above the town of Springdale, Utah, and surrounded by the superb cliffs of Zion National Park. The residents will live and work in duplex studio apartments, built using the Design-Build method of architecture. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE MESA FACILITIES AND DESIGN/BUILD

The Mesa’s supporters have provided money for the purchase of the land, initial infrastructure, the Commons (where residents will eat and gather to socialize), and toward the the duplex housing. The town of Springdale has worked cooperatively with The Mesa in the planning and with installing utilities to the site. We are working with the University of Nevada at Las Vegas on the architectural planning and building of the facilities. To make a donation CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE MESA FUNDING

Photo: Jack Newell - Winter in Zion National Park

Photo: Jack Newell - Winter in Zion National Park

The Mesa is a tax-exempt corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.